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Hello Tourist

You came to like Budapest and would like to stay, but have no more clean clothes? Or was there an accident and the red wine landed on your clothes, too? If you need a quick and thorough wash, you can get it done in one of our self-service laundry in the heart of Budapest at Szondi street 20 or  Vadász street 27. Join our wi-fi network and browse for the next things to see in the city on our comfortable sofas while your laundry is being washed or dried. Bring only the laundry; the detergents and the fabric softeners will be added by our machines.

We are offering a 20% discount in our loyalty program!

We have to meet to buy the loyalty card for 8000 HUF which allows you to use 10 times washing or drying. Later you can load the card again at the vending machine. Call us or write a mail with your phone number we will call you back!


The is a self-service laundry in the heart of Budapest at Vadász street 27, Belgrád rkp19 and Szondi street 20 in district 5 and 6 (open from 6 am to 11 pm) every day of the year.

In our large washing machines, you can wash double the amount of laundry compared to an average wash at home. Be it curtains, bedding, covers, pillows, or even big plush toys, you can wash them here quickly and simply.

Our laundry is completely self-service and, while waiting, you can make yourself comfortable on the sofa. There are free wi-fi and a children's corner, too.

*You can use the laundry at your own risk. We are not liable for damage caused in the clothes.

While the kids were playing in the kids' corner I could wash the blankets and bedding.

- Szilvia

Easy and convenient to use and the WiFi is fast.

- Peter


Our washing machines are industrial washing and drying machines with a 10 kg capacity that work with special, highly efficient but gentle detergents. In this way, dirtier textiles can be washed faster and more efficiently than in a domestic washing machine. The special additive, not used in households, visibly highlights the colour of the coloured, or even of the white, textiles. If disinfection should also be done during the washing, that's no problem, either.


Freshly washed clothes can be dried in our 10 kg capacity driers within 40 minutes. You only have to put the washed clothes inside the machine. Depending on the textiles to be dried, you can choose from a number of temperature settings.

Environment Protection

Besides efficient and fast washing, environmental protection is also very important to us. Our machines enable environmentally friendly washing thanks to their efficient use of energy, detergents, and water due to their professional design.

Antiseptic washing

If you need an antiseptic wash of your clothes come to us. In our self-service laundries we use commercially unavailable industrial detergents. Those contain alkaline and oxidative compounds used as antiseptic disinfectant agents in healthcare. These are kill bacteria and viruses.

Our Prices

Washing is 1,000 HUF. Drying is also 1,000 HUF.

You don’t have to bring any detergents or fabric softeners, these will be added by the machines according to the programme you select. Washing takes somewhat more than thirty minutes.

Make sure you only put machine-washable textiles into the washing machine!
Drying takes 40 minutes. Please note that, if you put too many clothes to be dried, they might stay damp.

If you need an invoice we can offer it under our loyalty program. For further information please call or send an email to

our prices

How Does It Work?

1. Preparation

Check whether any money, tissue paper or anything else that could damage your clothes remained in their pockets. Then, put the laundry in the washing machine and close its door. Select the programme.

2. Paying

In the vending machine, select the washing machine to be used and the payment method. You can pay in cash (coins and notes), by a payment card or by a loyalty card.

3. Washing

Washing will start automatically. You don't have to bother about detergents, disinfectants, or fabric softeners. These will be added automatically by our machines.

4. Drying

When washing is over, put the clothes into the drier, select the desired temperature and, at the vending machine, the payment method.


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Phone: +36 06 30 828 4422

1054 Budapest, Vadász street 27.

Opening hours: 6am – 11pm every day

1056 Budapest, Belgrád rkp 19.

Opening hours: 6am – 11pm every day

1067 Budapest, Szondi street 20.

Opening hours: 6am – 11pm every day